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Without a dedicated and efficient distribution system, delivering a wide range of products to many different markets would be an almost impossible task. Epmar, and sister company AC Products, have partnered with their supply chain to continuously improve performance. Their network of product line distributors service customers both in the USA and throughout the globe. To locate a dealer or distributor near you, click on a product line to the left.

Our Product Families are:

AC Products Line

  • Peelable Coatings - Protective
  • Peelable Coatings - Chemical Processing
  • Sealants - Flexible Seal

Epmar® Line of Encapsulants & Adhesives

  • High performance epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea systems to meet stringent standards
    of the market.
  • Non-electronic uses include: fluid and air filter parts, industrial compounds and
    medical equipment

Kemiko® Line

  • Chemical and polymer stains that decorate and beautify concrete floors, patios and driveways.
  • Waxes and sealers to enhance and protect Kemiko stained floors.
  • Rembrandt Polymer Stains.

Sta Crete® Line

  • Coatings for floors in warehouses, aircraft hangars, retail stores and navy ships.
  • Special chemical and dust resistant floor coatings for hospitals, clean rooms and
    commercial kitchens.
  • Coatings for repairing concrete, chemical containment basins and bridges.
  • Tank coatings for marine parks, water treatment facilities, petrochemical and
    food processing plants.

SynDeck® Marine Product Line

  • Complete line of deck underlayment products utilized in the construction, overhaul and repair
    of decking in the marine environment.
  • Products are certified for US Navy use including Regular Underlayments and Terrazzo Underlayments.
  • Ultra light Underlayments and Lightweight Polymer Underlayments are available when weight, corrosion or chemical resistance is a consideration.
  • High quality epoxy color and clear topcoats are utilized to provide a decorative, scratch resistant, long lasting deck covering.

Epmar's Special Services

  • Custom Formulations
  • Low and Zero VOC Coatings